A History in Seven Sackings
Matthew Kneale
Published by Atlantic Books

A fascinating history of the city of Rome seen through the eyes of its most significant sackings – from the Gauls to the Nazis and everything in between. Published by Atlantic Books.

No city on earth has preserved its past as has Rome. Visitors stand on bridges that were crossed by Julius Caesar and Cicero, walk around temples visited by Roman emperors, and step into churches that have hardly changed since popes celebrated mass in them 16 centuries ago.

These architectural survivals are all the more remarkable considering the violent disasters that have struck the city. Afflicted by earthquakes, floods, fires and plagues, it has most of all been repeatedly ravaged by roving armies. Rome: A History in Seven Sackings examines the most important of these attacks and reveals, with fascinating insight, how they transformed the city – and not always for the worse.

From the Gauls to the Nazis, Matthew Kneale introduces the invaders, while drawing a vibrant portrait of the city and its inhabitants, both before and after being attacked. In these troubled times when our cities can seem fragile, Rome’s history offers a picture that is both shocking and also reassuring – Romans have repeatedly shrugged off catastrophes and made their city anew.

A meticulously researched, magical and unique blend of travelogue, social and cultural history by an author who lives in the ’Eternal City’, this book is part celebration of the courage, panache and vitality of the Roman people, and part passionate love letter to Rome.

Published by Atlantic Books
384 pages
234 mm x 156 mm

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