Rendezvous with Rama

Arthur C. Clarke
Illustrated by Matt Griffin
Introduced by John Clute

Space just got stranger with Arthur C. Clarke’s science-fiction classic, Rendezvous with Rama. For this exquisite illustrated Folio edition, novelist John Clute provides an introduction celebrating the author’s remarkable imagination.

After millennia spent wondering if mankind will ever explore alien worlds, an alien world has come to us … Arthur C. Clarke was one of the great masters of the Golden Age of science fiction, and his work – including the groundbreaking 2001: A Space Odyssey – changed the landscape of the genre for generations. Winning multiple awards, Rendezvous with Rama is one of his most celebrated novels, examining the key questions of humanity’s place in the universe with Clarke’s trademark imagination and scientific rigour. For this illustrated edition, artist Matt Griffin has created a series of dreamy sci-fi visuals washed in saturated bursts of colour, and a magnificent greyscale image of the cityscape of ‘New York’. Rendezvous with Rama is an essential addition to Folio’s acclaimed science-fiction collection.

Full bound in printed and blocked cloth

Set in Cartier with Great Lakes as display

248 pages

Integrated title page illustration and 5 full page colour illustrations

Die-cut slipcase

9½˝x 6¼˝

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