Remarkable Trees

Christina Harrison and Tony Kirkham

Published by Thames & Hudson

The story of trees, produced in collaboration with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, with exquisite images from the Kew archive. Published by Thames & Hudson.

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Remarkable Trees

More than 60,000 species of tree are found in an amazing variety of forms, sizes and habitats, and each one has its own story. Sixty species are presented in this fascinating new edition, carefully selected to represent most of the world’s major zones and ecologies, and for their particular resonance and connection with humankind. In portraits that combine vivid cultural and historical narratives with firm scientific grounding, the authors reveal the details of trees from around the world, both familiar and strange.

‘Exquisite … intricate and expressive illustrations bear witness to the magic of closely observing the natural world.’

  1. The Lady

 Tony Kirkham is a world-renowned tree expert and Head of the Arboretum at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, while co-author Christina Harrison is the editor of Kew Magazine and trained biologist and botanist. Together they explore the practical and social uses of each species: timbers used for building and creating; the discovery of edible tree fruits and seeds, and which can kill or cure us; and which species can add colour and spirituality to our lives. From the timber of mahogany to the delights of chocolate and pomegranate, and from fragrant frankincense to the deadly manchineel, this is an enlightening and enchanting book that is beautifully illustrated with images from the unrivalled archive at Kew.

Production Details

Published by Thames & Hudson
256 pages
180 illustrations
246mm x 186mm