Oscar and Lucinda

Peter Carey
Illustrated by Katherine Streeter
Introduced by Peter Kemp

Compelling romance, epic tale of misadventure, cutting parable of cultural imperialism, Peter Carey's Oscar and Lucinda is overwhelmingly a story of all-consuming passions.

In his extraordinary novel, Carey traces the journey of Oscar Hopkins, a preacher’s son who forsakes his fundamentalist Brethren upbringing to become an Anglican minister, and Lucinda Leplastrier, a cocooned but self-reliant heiress he meets on a ship bound for the Antipodes. Once arrived in Australia, Lucinda sets about overturning hidebound expectation by using her inheritance to buy a glassworks factory and indulging her compulsion to gamble. Oscar’s childhood exposure to the forbidden delights of Christmas pudding may have led him on the road to rebellion, but with Lucinda he fully realises his obsession for games of chance. His ultimate folly is to accept a wager that Lucinda sets him: to transport a glass church across the outback.

Bound in blocked cloth
Set in Centaur
432 pages
Frontispiece and 8 colour illustrations
Plain slipcase
9˝ x 6¼˝

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