Nicholas and Alexandra

Robert K. Massie
Introduced by the author

Illness and intrigue both proved deadly to the last Russian royal family. Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Robert K. Massie reveals the tragic circumstances behind their infamous downfall.

’It is one of the supreme ironies of history that the blessed birth of an only son should have proved the mortal blow. Even as the saluting cannons boomed and the flags waved, Fate had prepared a terrible story. Along with the lost battles and sunken ships, the bombs, the revolutionaries and their plots, the strikes and revolts, Imperial Russia was toppled by a tiny defect in the body of a little boy. Hidden from public view, veiled in rumour, working from within, this unseen tragedy would change the history of Russia and the world.’

‘A wonderfully rich tapestry, the colors fresh and clear, every strand sewn in with a sure hand. Mr. Massie describes those strange and terrible years with sympathy and understanding … They come vividly before our eyes’

  1. New York Times

Bound in blocked cloth

Set in Monotype Dante

656 pages

Frontispiece and 20 pages of black & white plates

Printed map endpapers

Pictorial slipcase

Gold gilded page tops

10˝ × 6¼˝

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