Meyer’s Bakery

Claus Meyer
Published by Mitchell Beazley

Bring the delicious flavours of the Nordic bakery into your own kitchen with this new book from celebrated restaurateur Claus Meyer.

Claus Meyer has taken the world by storm with his fresh Nordic cooking. Now he has turned his hands to all things baking, with his bakeries in Grand Central Station and Brooklyn receiving stellar reviews. In this book – the perfect guide to creating delicious Nordic breads and pastries at home – Claus shares the secrets of his baking success.

Meyer’s Bakery is structured around the four basic types of dough – wheat, wholemeal, rye and sweet. Photographic step-by-step instructions explain each baking technique, while troubleshooting sections provide advice if things don’t go to plan.

Alongside techniques, Claus gives tips and tricks for achieving best results, with explanations of the best flour and equipment to use. Recipes then show you how to put your new-found skills to use, ranging from rye bread to cinnamon loaf, and from spelt bread to scones.

Published by Mitchell Beazley


296 pages

271 mm x 196 mm

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