Magna Carta

Limited to 480 hand-numbered copies

The Great Charter presented in a meticulously produced facsimile accompanied by a certificate of authentication.

Limited Edition

Magna Carta – The Great Charter – is by far the most significant concession to the people ever forced on an English monarch, and as the enduring symbol of the rule of law over the arbitrary authority of the despot it is the most famous single document in the history of England, if not the world. In its clauses the King pledges to right the injustices of his reign, renounce his absolute power and, among many other concessions, grant his subjects the right to a fair trial. It embodies the spirit of defiance and moderation of extremes which has long been associated with the character of the English people. 'Here', the historian Thomas Macaulay was to write over 600 years later, 'commences the history of the English nation'.


Size 12½˝ x 20˝ (parchment) 22˝ x 27˝ (frame)

Single piece of parchment

Parchment cut by hand to replicate the original

Seal attached by parchment tag

Facsimile with seal mounted on linen-covered board

Framed in oak and glass

Brass plaque on frame

Label on reverse stating limitation number



Printed letterpress on Zerkall with deckled and torn edges

Numbered by hand

Signed by David Way of the British Library

Presentation envelope with ‘Certificate of Authentication’ printed letterpress


Accompanying book

Magna Carta: The Foundation of Freedom 1215—2015

Expert commentary led by Professor Nicholas Vincent with a complete English translation of the 1215 text of Magna Carta

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