Letters to Vicky

Edited by Andrew Roberts

Queen Victoria was 39 when her daughter Vicky left home as the bride of Prince Frederick of Prussia. Edited by Andrew Roberts for The Folio Society, this edition of their extraordinary correspondence provides an unparalleled insight into the lives and times of two queens.

Queen Victoria and her eldest daughter Vicky exchanged a voluminous correspondence that lasted for 43 years. Victoria was 39 when her daughter left home as the bride of Prince Frederick of Prussia. Each became the other’s confidante, discussing details not recorded in official histories. The Queen dislikes wearing the Koh-i-noor diamond, disapproves of colonial expansion and is furious that the Irishman who attempted to assassinate her is given ‘the lightest sentence possible!’. The Crown Princess is desperate to try ‘electrical treatments’ for her son’s withered arm, but forbidden to do so by doctors, and is anguished by newspaper depictions of her as anti-Prussian.

These letters, which in their entirety extend to six volumes, have long been acknowledged as one of the most valuable resources available to historians. Following Andrew Roberts’s enthusiastic suggestion, The Folio Society has commissioned a single-volume edition. Roberts himself selected and edited the most engaging letters, and contributed explanatory notes, a chronology and a miniature ‘Life of Vicky’. Our edition also includes a truly exceptional index, and a magnificent fold-out genealogy, which shows the complex interrelation of royal families, and highlights Victoria’s position as the ‘grandmother of Europe’.

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