In Patagonia

Bruce Chatwin
Introduced by William Dalrymple

Described by the Guardian as ‘the book that redefined travel writing’, Chatwin's idiosyncratic account of Patagonia thrums with surprising details and literary finesse. Featuring 22 photographs by the author, 9 of which are previously unpublished.

As a child, Bruce Chatwin was fascinated by a curio in his grandmother’s china cabinet – a piece of supposed brontosaurus hide, brought home by a relative at the end of the 19th century. The alleged dinosaur (which turned out to be a giant sloth) had been found sticking out of the ice in Patagonia, and for Chatwin it sparked a lifelong fascination with the place. In 1974 he abandoned his career at the Sunday Times and, as he put it, ‘ran away to South America’ – the result was the highly original, witty and enigmatic In Patagonia.

I pictured a low timber house with a shingled roof, caulked against storms, with blazing log fires inside and the walls lined with all the best books, somewhere to live when the rest of the world blew up

Quarter-bound in cloth with blocked Covera Flute paper sides

Set in Iowan Old Style

264 pages

Frontispiece and 16 pages of colour plates

Plain slipcase

˝ x 5½˝

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