Flora of Middle-earth

Plants of J. R. R. Tolkien’s Legendarium
Graham A. Judd and Walter S. Judd
Published by HarperCollins

A unique examination of the plants and fictional landscapes featured in The Lord of the RingsPublished by HarperCollins.

Tolkien’s Middle-earth is a world lush with plant life – from the Ents, the race of slow-moving giants who look like trees, to the Mirkwood, the great forest that plays host to a horde of monstrous spiders.

This fascinating bookwritten by Walter S. Judd, Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Biology, University of Florida, takes a scientific look at the extraordinary flora of the realm of The Lord of the Rings, showing the connections between these fantasy plants and those growing in our own gardens and the natural world. It also examines the connection between the various plant communities of Middle-earth and the impact of the elven and human cultures that occupy them, including those environments degraded by warfare, industrialisation or pollution.

Each plant is listed alongside a quote from the book where it appears, with discussions on the significance, etymology, ecology and uses of each. Artist Graham A. Judd has provided a series of extraordinary woodcut-style illustrations that render the fantastical flora recognisable while also celebrating their mythic origins.

Published by HarperCollins
424 pages
289 illustrations
235 mm x 156 mm

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