Tim Winton
Illustrated by Sam Pash
Introduced by Alex Miller

Tim Winton’s celebrated novel is a jubilant and poignant portrait of two native-born, working-class Australian families.

The Pickles and the Lambs: two ‘true blue’ Aussie families with a fragile but defiant grip on the watery edges of their vast, dusty country. Disaster strikes each – for the Pickles a boating accident that leaves a father ‘minus a working hand’, for the Lambs a drowning from which their son Fish emerges alive but not quite intact. With eight children between them, they find themselves sharing Cloudstreet, a dilapidated house in Perth haunted by its own insidious past that only Fish, the book’s narrator, can fathom. There’s the pragmatic matriarch Oriel Lamb with her steadfast principles and love of the Queen; the ruinous beauty Dolly Pickles, hell-bent on alcohol-fuelled affairs; her bright daughter Rose, who watches Fish sing hello to the wind and falls in love; and Rose’s loyal father Sam with his childlike resilience to perpetual misfortune: ‘Everybody loved a loser, especially a loser of such romantic proportions’.

Bound in blocked buckram

Set in Garamond 

424 pages

Frontispiece and 9 colour illustrations.

Plain slipcase

˝ x 6½˝

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