Brat Farrar

Josephine Tey
Illustrated by A. Richard Allen

Long thought dead, the heir to the family fortune has returned to the Ashby family. But in Josephine Tey's mystery masterpiece, nothing is simple or clear and he is soon suspected of being an imposter.

Tragedy has hit the Ashby family too often. The young parents of 13-year-old twin boys died in a plane crash; the elder twin, Patrick, later vanished, leaving a suicide note at the top of the cliffs near their home. His brother became heir to the family property but now, just weeks before his 21st birthday, a young man appears claiming to be Patrick.

The man certainly looks like an Ashby; he also has the family gift with horses and a gentle reserve that reminds his Aunt Bee of the little boy she has grieved for all these years. But ‘Patrick’ is an impostor. Brat Farrar has felt out of place all his life until he hears of the Ashby family and risks everything in this mad deception. He falls in love with Latchetts, the family estate, with Aunt Bee and the whole Ashby way of life … but beneath the serenity of Latchetts there are dark secrets that only Brat’s arrival can bring to light.

‘Ingenious, stimulating and very enjoyable’

  1. Sunday Times 

Bound in printed and blocked cloth

Set in Bulmer

248 pages

Frontispiece and 7 colour illustrations

9˝ × 5¾˝

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