An Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead

The Papyrus of Sobekmose
Paul F. O'Rourke
Published by Thames & Hudson

The first publication to provide a continuous translation of the ancient Egyptian ‘Book of the Dead’ texts, the Papyrus of Sobekmose.

The ‘Book of the Dead of Sobekmose’, held in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum, New York, is one of the most important surviving examples of the ancient Egyptian ‘Book of the Dead’ genre. These papyrus scrolls were composed of traditional funerary texts that were thought to assist the dead on their journey into the afterlife.

This publication is the first to offer a continuous English translation of a single, extensive, major text from beginning to end in the order in which it was composed. The papyrus itself is one of the longest of its kind to come down to us from the New Kingdom, a time when Egypt’s international power and prosperity was at its peak. This new translation not only represents a great step forward in the study of these texts, but also grants modern readers a direct encounter with what can seem a remote and alien civilisation. With language that is, in many places, unquestionably evocative and very beautiful, it offers a look into the mindset of the ancient Egyptians, highlighting their beliefs and anxieties about this world as well as the next.

Published by Thames & Hudson


216 pages

60 illustrations

245 mm x 184 mm

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