American Gods

Neil Gaiman
Illustrated by Dave McKean
Introduced by Dave McKean
Afterword by Neil Gaiman
Introduction to this Text by Neil Gaiman

With illustrations by celebrated artist Dave McKean, this is the ultimate collector’s edition of a modern fantasy classic.

‘Gods die. And when they truly die they are unmourned and unremembered. Ideas are more difficult to kill than people, but they can be killed, in the end’

  1. from American Gods

Just before his release from prison, Shadow learns that his wife has been killed in a car accident. Aimless and in shock, he meets Mr Wednesday, a hustler and con man with a number of peculiar friends. After accepting a job as Wednesday’s bodyguard and driver, Shadow finds himself on a road trip across the haunted landscape of America and, along with his shady boss, is soon embroiled in a conflict that could destroy them all: a war between the old gods and the new.

‘Original, engrossing, and endlessly inventive, a picaresque journey across America where the travelers are even stranger than the roadside attractions’

  1. George R. R. Martin 

Winner of multiple awards, including the Hugo and the Nebula, American Gods is Neil Gaiman’s sweeping exploration of story, myth and the shifting nature of belief itself. According to Mr Wednesday, gods travelled to the new world with their immigrant worshippers only to flounder in a land both too strange and too modern to nurture them.

Although the story is rooted in the familiar – Gaiman gives us Egyptian deities who run funeral parlours, and gods who drive cabs to make a living – it tears back the veil to reveal the pulsing supernatural heart of America. Crammed with unconventional yet wholly engaging characters, this story of coin tricks, cons and misdirection is considered by many to be Gaiman’s masterpiece.

Bound in blocked cloth

Set in Maxime 

560 pages

Frontispiece and 11 colour illustrations, including 3 double-page spreads

Pictorial slipcase

10˝ x 6¾˝

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