A Book of Homage to Shakespeare

Foreword by Gordon McMullan
Edited by Professor Israel Gollancz
Published by Oxford University Press

A superb new edition published by Oxford University Press. New foreword by Gordon McMullan.

On 23 April 1916, in the midst of the First World War, a magnificent volume edited by Professor Israel Gollancz was published by Oxford University Press. Entitled A Book of Homage to Shakespeare, it was created to mark the tercentenary of Shakespeare’s death.

Between an opening poem by Thomas Hardy about Stratford-upon-Avon and the London-based editor’s closing paean to the global community – ‘Shakespeare’s own kindred, whatsoe’er their speech’ – are 105 essays, dialogues and fragments and 61 poems, including 26 translations, from locations as far apart as America, Armenia, Burma, India, Ireland, Japan, Russia and South Africa. A Book of Homage to Shakespeare is a celebration both local and global, and marks a pivotal moment in literary history – a moment at which Shakespeare was the poet both of empire and of a world emerging into a new, very different global order.

Oxford University Press reissued this remarkable volume for the 2016 anniversary. Reflecting the style of the original 1916 edition, it is presented with a new foreword by Gordon McMullan of King’s College London. It tells the story of the book’s inception and creation, focusing on its editor and guiding spirit, Israel Gollancz, and on certain key contributions. His lively account reveals A Book of Homage as a far more complex phenomenon than might be expected – at once a celebration of empire and an interrogation of Shakespeare’s status as the uncontested figurehead of that empire.

This is a unique title and a wonderful way to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. The first copies are being delivered in March and we have been able to secure these at a special discount.

Published by Oxford University Press
Bound in Wibalin cloth
Ribbon marker
632 pages
9 black & white illustrations
276 × 219mm

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