Traitor’s Purse

Margery Allingham
Illustrated by James Boswell
Introduced by A. S. Byatt

Produced in series with The Tiger in the Smoke, this edition pays homage to an exceptional mystery writer.

With its psychological insight, ingenious plot and overarching mood of suspense, this superb thriller sees Allingham’s beloved gentleman detective, Albert Campion, trapped within a living nightmare. Waking in a dark and empty hospital ward, Campion is beset by two appalling realisations: he has lost all memory of his own identity and his life so far; and he alone must avert an enormous, impending disaster whose nebulous terrors fill him with a sense of urgency. Worse still, low voices coming from just outside his room reveal the recent murder of a policeman, and the certain hanging of the patient responsible for this most heinous of crimes …

This edition, produced in series with The Tiger in the Smoke, is introduced by A. S. Byatt, who writes that it ‘has the most amazing plot of any thriller I know’. James Boswell's disorienting illustrations convey both the frustration and the drama of Campion’s predicament.

Bound in printed and blocked paper

Set in Utopia with Victoria Titling display

224 pages

Frontispiece and 6 colour illustrations

Plain slipcase

9˝ x 5¾˝

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