Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

John le Carré
Illustrated by Tim Laing

With this tale of treachery and conflicted loyalties, le Carré transcends the spy genre, creating a novel that ranks among the most critically acclaimed fiction of the late 20th century.

Mr George Smiley was not naturally equipped for hurrying in the rain ... Small, podgy and at best middle-aged, he was by appearance one of London’s meek who do not inherit the earth ... For reasons of vanity he wore no hat, believing rightly that hats made him ridiculous.

George Smiley looks nothing like a spy. But in his day, he was right-hand man to ‘Control’, head of the ‘Circus’ – codeword for British Intelligence. Forced into early retirement, Smiley is prepared for a quiet life of academic obscurity, until the long arm of the Circus pulls him back into the game. One of the highest-ranking officials in the Service is a Russian mole implanted decades ago, and Smiley’s mission is to identify the traitor. In the chess game of wits that follows, he comes face to face with old enemies, unsolved mysteries and his own past.

Bound in blocked buckram 

Set in Imprint with Transport display

368 pages

Frontispiece and 8 black & white illustrations

Plain slipcase

9½˝ × 6¼˝

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