The King Must Die

Mary Renault
Illustrated by Geoff Grandfield
Introduced by Robin Lane Fox

Renault's acclaimed novel, published in series with The Alexander Trilogy and introduced by the classical historian Robin Lane Fox.

‘One of the truly fine historical novels of modern times. Not since Robert Graves’s I, Claudius has there been such an exciting living image of the ancient world’
  1. New York Times

As a child Theseus suffers taunts when he claims his father is Poseidon, the fearsome, earth-shaking god of the sea. At 17 he discovers the truth: he is the son of Aegeus, King of Athens, and his sole heir. Determined to fulfil his destiny, Theseus undertakes the perilous journey to his father’s palace, fighting off bloodthirsty bandits and finding himself crowned king in the Earthling town of Eleusis – a title that comes with a grisly price. Finally reaching Athens, he finds the people in thrall to King Minos of Crete and the terrible monster he feeds with human tributes. It is Theseus, aided by an enamoured Princess Ariadne, who will slay the Minotaur and set the people free …

Published in series with The Alexander Trilogy and The Bull From the Sea.

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