The Family of Hummingbirds

The Complete Prints of John Gould
Joel and Laura Oppenheimer
Preface by Robert McCracken Peck
Published by Rizzoli Electa

The Family of Hummingbirds is the definitive collection of illustrations by 19th-century naturalist painter John Gould.

The sublime collection of 418 superbly detailed lithographs of hummingbirds, created in the mid-1800s, represents all the known species on the planet at the time and is the most complete illustrated account ever produced. Like Audubon (one of the greatest realist wildlife painters in the world), Gould depicted the birds as they are in life, in their native habitats, which was a revolutionary approach at the time.

In their essay for the book, writers Joel and Laura Oppenheimer tell the story of Gould’s colourful life and place his work in the context of the times, when exploration of science and the world’s natural wonders was at its peak.

Published by Rizzoli Electa

304 pages

450 illustrations


311 mm x 238 mm

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