My Family and Other Animals

Gerald Durrell
Illustrated by Paul Cox
Introduced by Michael Morpurgo

My Family and Other Animals is Gerald Durrell’s hilarious memoir of his unconventional 1930s Corfu childhood, enriched with illustrations by Paul Cox and an introduction by Michael Morpurgo.


… somewhere in that tract of moon-polished water we passed the invisible dividing-line and entered the bright, looking-glass world of Greece.

‘What we all need,’ said Larry, ‘is sunshine … a country where we can grow.’ When the Durrells leave a grey rain-sodden England and set sail for the Greek island of Corfu life could never be the same again – either for Gerald and his family (‘a travelling circus and staff’) or for the unsuspecting locals, drawn into the bohemian eccentricities of clan Durrell.

Gerald, his mother and elder siblings soon settle into the strawberry-pink villa beside the sea, and while Lawrence broods behind his typewriter, Leslie oils his guns and Margo sunbathes with monastic rigour, for 10-year old Gerry, a garden of earthly delights unfolds tantalisingly before him. Days are spent lying on his stomach or ‘wallowing’ in his homemade boat, the Bootle-Bumtrinket, in earnest study of the exotic creatures around him – geckos and glow-worms, owls and octopuses – and in meeting the island’s inhabitants.

Bound in full blocked and printed cloth

Set in Bembo with Nueva display

280 pages

Black & white frontispiece and 62 integrated colour illustrations

Plain slipcase

10˝ x 6 ¾˝

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