Terry Pratchett
Illustrated by Omar Rayyan
Introduced by A. S. Byatt

One of the most loved titles in the enormously popular Discworld series receives its first fully illustrated edition.

Young Mort despairs of finding a suitable career in his provincial village, until one day he is rather unexpectedly hired by a bony figure in a cowl – Death, it seems, is in need of an apprentice. Introduced to the chilly truth behind the workings of the universe, the inherently curious Mort cannot help but meddle with the laws of time and space. The resulting chaos means all manner of trouble for the stability of reality, not to mention his burgeoning love life …

Along with this stunning edition Folio also created a limited edition leather bound 'facsimile' of the very book that Death presents to Mort - this sold out in less than 13 hours.

‘His gift has always been in treating the big subjects with the lightest touch and in smuggling huge banks of wisdom past unsuspecting, giggling readers’

  1. New Statesman

Terry Pratchett wasn’t simply a master of his genre, conjuring one of fiction’s strangest and most beloved fantasy realms in the form of the Discworld; he was also a master storyteller, and one of our greatest modern writers. In her introduction for this edition, A. S. Byatt describes his ‘maddening and delightful’ imagination, and how the core of his work always contained a ‘reflection on the nature and language of things’. Whether describing the personification of Death in a curry house or threatening the great city of Ankh-Morpork with a dragon, Pratchett’s focus was always on the humanity of his characters. He knew their passions, failings, hopes and desperations, revealing them with compassion and wisdom – and if the truth bit a little close to home for the reader, a joke would be along at any moment to take away the sting.

‘To attempt to capture the richness, humour and depth of the illustrations (without rubbing too many fans and connoisseurs the wrong way) was a daunting task but a most enjoyable one – a dream job for any book illustrator’

  1. Omar Rayyan

Omar Rayyan, a long-time fan of the Discworld series, has provided 7 colour illustrations that capture the humour and vibrancy of Pratchett’s remarkable creation. This beautiful collector’s edition features printed endpapers illustrated by the artist, a slipcase printed with a silver line drawing, and a cover bound in tactile velveteen cloth, with an illustrated inset paper label. The spine sports a tiny silver A’Tuin, the great disc-carrying turtle – truly an edition fit for the Unseen University’s very own library.

Terry Pratchett's Small Gods is produced in series.

Bound in cloth with an inset paper label printed with a design by the artist

Set in Caslon

240 pages

Black & white title-page illustration and 7 colour illustrations

Printed endpapers

Printed slipcase 

˝ x 6¼˝

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