In Xanadu

A Quest
William Dalrymple
Introduced by the author

One of the most successful travel books of the past 20 years, this engaging adventure is published with a new introduction by the author.

‘One of the best travel books produced in the last 20 years’

  1. Alexander Maitland

In the summer of 1986, a 21-year-old student left Jerusalem with a phial of holy oil. His task was to carry it overland to Xanadu, Kubla Khan’s legendary palace in Mongolia, retracing the voyage of Marco Polo some 700 years before. William Dalrymple’s oil, however, was housed in a Body Shop bottle and his companions were a fellow student, Laura, ‘as impulsive as she was formidable’, and in the latter part of the journey, his former girlfriend, Louisa.

Bound in paper printed with a design by Sarah Hanson

Set in Elysium

320 pages

Frontispiece and 32 pages of colour and black & white plates

Printed map endpapers

Plain slipcase

9½˝ × 6¼˝

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