Eleanor of Aquitaine

By the Wrath of God, Queen of England
Alison Weir

A revealing portrait of one of the most powerful women in history, who remained the subject of scandalous rumour throughout her life and beyond.

Alison Weir has crafted an entertaining account full of violence and character, using Eleanor’s life to tell the wider story of a changing Europe. An enlightening introduction by the respected historian Richard Barber emphasises the blossoming of literature and poetry in the time of Eleanor, who was an enthusiastic patron of the arts. This edition also features newly researched colour photographs that cast fresh light on the story: the painting of Thomas Becket’s gruesome murder leaves little doubt of the impact of his death, while the stained-glass window of Eleanor and Henry at Poitiers Cathedral stands as an example of the flourishing art of the period.

Bound in blocked metallic buckram
Set in Adobe Garamond with DucDeBerry display
544 pages
Frontispiece and 24 pages of colour plates
Maps and genealogical tables
10˝ x 6 ¾˝

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