The Folio Society wins four categories at the 2022 British Book Design & Production Awards


The Folio Society is celebrating its 75th anniversary by winning each of the four categories in which they were nominated at the 2022 BBD&P Awards. The editions honoured show the range and depth of Folio’s publishing, art direction and production expertise by including sci-fi, fantasy, classical texts and non-fiction titles and were loudly praised by the judging panels. 



Folio’s ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series won Brand/Series Identity category – ‘Rarely does a set of books encapsulate a story so perfectly, with such attention to detail in every aspect of production…’



The spectacular three-volume set of The Divine Comedy won in the Limited Editions category – ‘A superb demonstration of excellence with the creative, printing and finishing of this Limited Edition… a sight for sore eyes, the finishing on these books will never leave the mind...’


Philip K. Dick’s Selected Short Stories won the Literature category – ‘The cut-out of the slipcase hints at the world of Dick’s imagination… 24 full- colour plates from specially commissioned artists and detail within the slipcase itself bear witness to a superlative level of attention to detail…’


The Origins of Totalitarianism won the Scholarly, Academic & Reference Book category – ‘A beautiful and striking book, the content is perfectly complemented by the weight, size and shear strength of the format and design. Flawless attention to detail in the finishing makes this a superb collector’s item...’


Tom Walker, Publishing Director at Folio said: ‘We were bowled over by the reaction from the judges – what a thrill! It’s a testament to the brilliant team at Folio that even during those strange pandemic years we continued to innovate and stretch the possibilities of the printed book. The standard of creativity across the board was exceptional. We really are going through a golden period of book design, and to be at the forefront of that is a privilege.’

Kate Grimwade, Production Director noted: ‘We are all absolutely delighted about Folio’s success at last night’s awards. Folio is passionate about exploring dynamic and innovative ways to produce exquisite books. Winning these awards is a recognition of our continued commitment to, and passion for, design and production excellence.’