The Royal Academy of Arts

History and Collections

MaryAnne Stevens and Robin Simon

Published by Yale University Press

The Royal Academy of Arts celebrates the 250th Anniversary of the Royal Academy, with over 550 glorious images. 

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Founded in 1768, the Royal Academy of Arts in London exists to promote the appreciation, understanding and practice of art. Published in association with the Royal Academy of Arts, London, this new book is the result of an unprecedented review of the Royal Academy Collections, which comprise thousands of paintings, sculptures, drawings and engravings, as well as silver, furniture, medals and photographs. Adorned with over 550 images, it not only reveals the central role of the Royal Academy in British national life, but also acts as a unique resource for the study of the history of art in Britain since the reign of George III.

The works of art complement an archive of 600,000 documents and the first library in Britain dedicated to the fine arts. This fresh history reveals the central role of the Royal Academy in British national life, especially during the 19th century. It also explores periods of turmoil in the 20th century, when the Academy sought either to defy or to come to terms with modernism, challenging linear histories and frequently held notions of progress and innovation.

Production Details

Published by Yale University Press

676 pages
554 illustrations
289 mm x 248 mm


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