The Radetzky March

Joseph Roth
Illustrated by Tim Laing
Introduced by William Boyd
Translated by Michael Hofmann

At once epic and intimate, this deeply compassionate portrait of a family and the empire they serve places its author alongside Tolstoy and Chekhov.

Shortlisted for the V&A Book Illustration Award 2016

Joseph Roth was born in East Galicia, now Western Ukraine, in 1894, to an Austrian Jewish family. The Radetzky March; his acknowledged masterpiece; was published in 1932, seven years before he died in impoverished exile in Paris. This edition uses the acclaimed translation by Michael Hofmann, which was largely responsible for the revival of this neglected classic. Tim Laing has created a series of photo-realist pencil drawings that celebrate the story’s naturalism. In his introduction, novelist William Boyd praises this remarkable novel which, ‘because of its deep, sympathetic, non-judgmental understanding of our flawed humanity, achieves greatness’.

Bound in buckram, blocked with a design by Tim Laing
Set in Janson
352 pages
Frontispiece and 8 colour illustrations
9" x 6¼"

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