The Hornblower Set 3: Admiral Hornblower

The Commodore, Lord Hornblower, Hornblower in the West Indies
C. S. Forester
Illustrated by Joe McLaren
Introduced by Bernard Cornwell

The saga of C. S. Forester’s brilliant nautical hero comes to completion in the third and final set in The Folio Society’s Hornblower Saga. With meticulously researched illustrations by series artist Joe McLaren.

‘Vastly entertaining … I find Hornblower admirable’

  1. Sir Winston Churchill

C. S. Forester’s naval adventure series comes to an end with Folio’s spectacular illustrated three-volume set. Filled to the very last page with political intrigue, far-flung locations and, above all, thrilling adventures on the high seas, The Hornblower Saga 3: Admiral Hornblower completes the story of historical fiction’s most celebrated hero. This special Folio collection brings every part of C. S. Forester’s saga together and, for the first time, arranges it in chronological order. In this final collection, Hornblower achieves the very pinnacle of his career with missions that include foiling mutinies, tangling with Caribbean pirates, and, of course, out-thinking the forces of the relentlessly ambitious Napoleon Bonaparte. A lifelong Hornblower devotee, novelist Bernard Cornwell provides a fond introduction, while series artist Joe McLaren returns to bring the Napoleonic Wars crashing directly onto the page. An unmissable conclusion to this literary phenomenon.

Three-quarter bound in cloth with printed and blocked cloth front boards

Set in Bulmer

Vol 1: 304pp; Vol 2: 256pp; Vol3: 304pp (864 pages in total)

15 full-page black & white integrated illustrations and 4 chapter heads across 3 vols

6 maps across 3 volumes

Printed endpapers

Printed and blocked slipcase

9˝ x 5¾˝

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