Brief Lives

John Aubrey
Illustrated by Joe Ciardiello
Introduced by Peter Conrad

Witty, tantalising and illuminating, John Aubrey’s great classic of biography allows a glimpse into a fascinating era, while humanising great figures of history such as Shakespeare, Francis Bacon and Thomas Hobbes.

With vignettes of figures such as John Milton, Christopher Wren, John Dryden, Shakespeare, Andrew Marvell, Francis Bacon and more, Brief Lives is a uniquely entertaining glimpse at a fascinating time. These men and women, flawed, vulnerable, vain and ambitious, are more alive here than in any formal history; through Aubrey's eyes, these giants of an age are revealed on a more human scale.

This Folio edition uses the definitive edition edited by Oliver Lawson Dick, which includes Lawson Dick’s own superb biographical portrait of Aubrey. In his introduction Peter Conrad writes with affection about a true English eccentric who had a deep and abiding interest in other people. Joe Ciardiello's exuberant illustrations include many witty portraits, scribbled with incidental detail and revealing context.

Quarter-bound in buckram with printed Modigliani paper sides 

Set in Columbus

456 pages with a black & white illustrated title-page spread

Frontispiece and 13 black & white and 4 colour illustrations

Plain slipcase

˝ x 6¼˝

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