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  • Approving the photographs for The Folio Society's limited edition of H. G. Wells’s The Door in the Wall

    Friday, 19th February 2016

    I spent much of the week before last in airports and railway stations. First destination was Stuttgart, where I press-passed the illustrations for H. G. ...

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  • Portrait of poet Robert Burns

    The Simple Bard

    Kathleen Jamie explores how the poet Robert Burns found fertile ground for his imagination in the soil of a failing farm.   In Spring ...

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  • Alice in Wonderland, limited edition from The Folio Society

    Friday, 8th January 2016

    It has been a momentous week, with one major project finally coming to an end, and another getting under weigh. Just before Christmas, this imposing ...

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  • Colouring the Rainbow

    Maria Tatar, John L. Loeb Professor of Folklore and Mythology at Harvard University, falls under the spell of illustrations as she explores their unique ability ...

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