African Folktales

Roger D. Abrahams
Illustrated by Keith Hau
Preface by Wole Soyinka
Edited by Roger D. Abrahams

With a preface by the Nobel Prize-winning author Wole Soyinka, this anthology collects folktales from across the African continent – including classic trickster tales like ‘Spider Outwits the Rich Woman’, and stories about navigating the complexities of life, such as ‘Never Ask Me About My Family’.

African folktales are born from performance. They are not static stories frozen on a page with neat ‘happily-ever-after’ endings. Instead each storyteller brings their own perspective and personality to a tale – deliberately inviting discussion, argument and debate from their audience. Selected by acclaimed folklorist Roger D. Abrahams, the 90 stories in this collection feature tales from across the African continent. In his retellings, Abrahams has sought to preserve the individual voice of each storyteller; the result is an essential collection that showcases the remarkable vitality and diversity of African folktales.  

Bound in blocked paper

Set in Fairfield

336 pages

Frontispiece and 7 colour illustrations

Printed endpapers

Plain slipcase

9½˝ x 6¼˝

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