1066 and All That

A Memorable History of England
W. C. Sellar and R. J. Yeatman
Illustrated by John Reynolds
Introduced by Ned Sherrin

With only two genuine dates, this irreverent romp is history as every schoolboy would wish it – hilarious and memorable.

‘History is not about what you thought. It is what you can remember.’ So say W. C. Sellar and R. J. Yeatman in their celebrated potted history of England. 1066 and All That is an uproarious and irreverent satire of schoolroom misrememberings that has become one of the best-loved humour titles this side of ‘Broody’ Mary. Its hilarious accounts are guaranteed to drive out all the nonsense you might, however reluctantly, have picked up at school, and replace it with the only kind of history that is truly worthwhile – that is, history that is ‘memorable’.

One of Folio’s most popular editions, the volume contains an introduction by broadcaster Ned Sherrin and inimitable illustrations by John Reynolds.

Bound in paper printed with a design by David Eccles

Set in Old Style

160 pages

Frontispiece and 54 integrated black & white illustrations

Plain slipcase

Page edges with 'ink splash' effect

7¾˝ × 5¼˝

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