The Last White Rose

Desmond Seward
Foreword by Desmond Seward
Preface by the author

In his sequel to the best-selling The Wars of the Roses, Desmond Seward reveals the secret conflict that continued throughout the reigns of both Henry VII and Henry VIII.

Contrary to popular belief, the Wars of the Roses did not end in 1485 at the Battle of Bosworth. While the country reeled from the unexpected defeat of Richard III, Henry Tudor attempted to unify the two rival branches of the House of Plantagenet by marrying Elizabeth of York, intending to nullify the threat of the White Rose while silencing doubts regarding the Tudor claim. However, in this engrossing account, Desmond Seward reveals how the war against the White Rose continued in secret, seeding insecurity, fear and even paranoia behind the Tudor facade of stability, magnificence and power.

Despite the apparent security of his regime, with the current White Rose firmly under lock and key, Henry did not feel safe. There are indications that, after decades of fighting off Yorkist pretenders, his paranoia had grown so intense that he began to see his own son and heir as a potential rival. Ironically, the hope of the Tudors was kept under close surveillance, guarded so strictly that he was all but under lock and key. (Perhaps his father, no mean judge of character, realised that his son was a very dangerous young man)

Bound in blocked buckram

320 pages

Frontispiece and 12 pages of colour plates

Set in Janson

Plain slipcase

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