The Kremlin Letters

Stalin‘s Wartime Correspondence with Churchill and Roosevelt
Edited by David Reynolds and Vladimir Pechatnov
Published by Yale University Press

The fascinating wartime correspondence of Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill is brought together in The Kremlin Letters.

This is the definitive account of the wartime correspondence between Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill, the relationship between the three men and the context within which the Grand Alliance operated. It results from a remarkable scholarly collaboration between Britain and Russia: Vladimir Pechatnov is editor of a two-volume edition of Stalin’s letters published in Moscow in 2015, and David Reynolds is the leading historian of Anglo-American wartime diplomacy.

Between Hitler’s invasion of Russia in June 1941 and Roosevelt’s sudden death in April 1945, the three leaders exchanged 678 messages. While the raw documents are known, the background context is not. A project database of 5,000 documents, most newly available, reveals what lay behind the communications: the local diplomatic circumstances in Washington, London and Moscow, and the discussion, arguments and preparations which afford vivid insights into the daily operation of the ‘Grand Alliance’.

Stalin’s papers at the Russian State Archive (including Stalin’s own edits of early drafts of the correspondence) are used, together with new information from the archives of the Soviet Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Fresh material comes from the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library in Hyde Park New York, the Churchill Archive now in Cambridge, and newly released official files in the UK National Archives. In a connective editorial commentary, the editors illuminate the full significance of the messages, and show in intimate detail how ‘the Big Three’ ran the Second World War.

Published by Yale University Press

680 pages

24 black & white illustrations and 3 maps


236 mm x 156 mm

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