Short Stories
Illustrated by Osbert Lancaster

A satisfying collection of deliciously dark tales, from the unrivalled master of the comic short story – perfect for savouring one by one, or gobbled up in a single sitting.

‘Start a Saki story and you will finish it. Finish one and you will start another, and having finished them all you will never forget them.’

  1. Tom Sharpe

Hector Hugh Munro (1870–1916), better known as Saki, was a peerless master of the short story – with the wit of Oscar Wilde, the breeziness of P. G. Wodehouse and the macabre edge of Roald Dahl.

This rich collection gathers together his very best, all of them classics by a writer at the peak of his powers. With his trademark black humour, Saki subverts the conventions of Edwardian society and pops the bubble of upper-class pretension. He conjures up the child’s point of view – the wonder of the forbidden place, the anger at injustices perpetrated by cruel adults, the delight of a carefully exacted revenge. And he sends shivers down the spine with his tales of the supernatural.

Quarter-bound in cloth with textured and printed paper sides

Set in Guardi with Edwardian display

352 pages

Frontispiece and 9 black & white illustrations

Plain slipcase

9½˝ x 5¾˝

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