Every Man for Himself

Beryl Bainbridge
Illustrated by Beryl Bainbridge
Introduced by Psiche Hughes

Beryl Bainbridge’s award-winning portrait of life on board the Titanic is published for the first time alongside her own spectacular paintings.

When I pressed my face to the window to look down at the sea there was nothing but darkness; when I tilted my head the blackness was fiery with stars

In the early years of the last century, a well-to-do young American boards a luxury liner bound for New York. From the outset it is clear that the ship is the Titanic; the passengers’ fate is sealed. Yet further mysteries remain in this thrilling read that captures the decadence and desperation of that fateful night.

We know that the narrator is related to famed financier J. P. Morgan, but what does he mean by the ‘grotesque happenings concerning my infant self’? How are they related to the portrait he steals before boarding the ship? And how did his fellow passenger, Scurra, come by the ugly scar on his lip?

‘Extraordinary … both a psychologically convincing re-creation and a wholly new and highly individual work of art’
  1. Independent

Bound in blocked cloth 

Set in Minion

208 pages

Frontispiece and 5 colour paintings by Beryl Bainbridge

Plain slipcase

9˝ x 6¼˝

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