My Moroccan Food
Nargisse Benkabbou
Published by Mitchell Beazley

In Casablanca, My Moroccan Food, Nargisse Benkabbou blends traditional cuisine with a fresh, contemporary approach.

‘Breathes new life into Moroccan food’

  1. BBC Good Food

Morocco lies on the border of Europe and the Arab world, drawing people in with its colourful souks, vibrant landscapes, cheerful hospitality and, most importantly, its food. Nargisse Benkabbou is a rising-star chef and her debut book breathes new life into Moroccan cuisine, blending its authentic spirit with the contemporary to create accessible everyday recipes for vegetarians and meat-eaters. Her dishes include artichoke, baby potato and preserved lemon tagine, and sticky ras-el-hanout and peach short ribs. Also featured are Western classics with a Moroccan twist, such as mint-tea-infused chocolate pots.

‘It practically sings with aromatic spices and ingredients.’

  1. Delicious

Published by Mitchell Beazley

224 pages

Illustrated throughout


235 mm x 190 mm

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