A Kestrel for a Knave

Barry Hines
Illustrated by David Howe
Introduced by Frank Cottrell-Boyce

This cornerstone of British literature famously explores man’s relationship with nature, via a young boy’s unexpected passion for falconry. A specially printed translucent dust jacket accompanies this splendid gift edition.

Billy Casper’s bleak future seems inevitable. Dismissed as hopeless at school and neglected by the remnants of his family, in weeks he will be joining his brutish brother down the mines. However, his affinity for the natural world offers a sliver of hope; he raises a wild kestrel, which he names Kes, and her quiet strength and independence strikes a chord with the troubled teenager. Adapted into a critically acclaimed film by Ken Loach, A Kestrel for a Knave remains a cornerstone of British fiction. ‘A slim book about a no-hoper and a hawk’ was Hines’s own description of the novel, yet its slightness belies its great emotional power – when Billy flees his demeaning existence at school and ventures into the wild, he comes alive.

‘A masterpiece … Billy Casper is as memorable a young character as any post-war writer has created’

  1. Glasgow Herald 

Bound in printed cloth with printed translucent dust jacket

Set in Swift with Hebden display

232 pages

Four-colour title-page spread and 10 integrated black & white illustrations

Printed endpapers

8˝ x 5¼˝

Please note: this edition has a translucent dust jacket in place of a slipcase

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