A History of Chinese Art

Preface by James C. S. Lin
Edited by Li Song, Jin Weinuo, Xue Yongnian and Shan Guoqiang
Translated by Simon Yin and Jane Elliott

Published by Cambridge University Press this comprehensive study of Chinese art from Pre-Quin to the Tang Dynasty is illustrated throughout and available with a 35% saving.

‘Art reflects prevailing politics, religious beliefs and economic situations. Changes of shape or decoration usually suggest a shift in religious beliefs, political reform or in the tastes of connoisseurs.

  1. James C. S. Lin, from the preface

Available to Folio customers with a 35% saving, A History of Chinese Art is a lavishly illustrated and comprehensive two-volume work covering Chinese art from the Pre-Qin period (pre-221 BCE) to the early twentieth century.

Compiled by leading art historians at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, the volumes offer a Chinese perspective on its rich artistic tradition, from ancient pottery and tomb painting to furniture, sculpture, ceramics, calligraphy and fine art.

This is the first English translation of the work and the discussion is supported by full-colour and black-and-white illustrations throughout, sourced from collections in China and around the world. A History of Chinese Art provides an introductory point of reference for those with an interest in Chinese history, culture and art.

Published by Cambridge University Press
Hardback 2-volume set
Volume 1: 822 pages
Volume 2: 950 pages
Over 1,250 colour and black & white illustrations in total
Each volume: 10” x 7½”

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