A Circle in the Fire and Other Stories

Flannery O'Connor
Illustrated by Deanna Staffo
Introduced by C. E. Morgan

A collection of arresting short stories by the inimitable Flannery O’Connor, with illustrations by Deanna Staffo and an introduction by C. E. Morgan.

‘His heart constricted with a repulsion for himself so clear and intense that he gasped for breath. He had stuffed his own emptiness with good works like a glutton.’ In ‘The Lame Shall Enter First’, one of the unforgettable stories in this collection, a widower realises that the charity of which he has been so indignantly proud was but a means of stifling his grief. The violent epiphany that seizes him comes too late – the tragedies wrought by self-delusion and hubris may, finally, be understood, but they may not always be repaired. This is the central theme of Flannery O’Connor’s coruscating, plain-speaking fiction: the painful, necessary salvation that emerges from catastrophic, life-changing, and sometimes life-ending, events.

Bound in blocked cloth
Set in Bulmer
368 pages
Frontispiece and 10 black & white illustrations

Plain slipcase

˝ x 6¼˝

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