How to find books

Searching by Category

In the ‘Shop’ section on the left hand side of the screen, you can find our subject categories. By clicking on the category link, you will be taken to an alphabetical listing of all titles in that category. For larger categories, like History and Fiction, a list of sub-categories will also appear which will help you narrow your search.

The number of pages of titles your search has generated is show at the top of the page.

The list of categories also includes categories like ‘New Books’, to save you time in finding what you are looking for.

Using Folio Search

There is also a search function at the top right of your screen where you can type in key words or product codes if you know them.

The website will display all of the items that contain the term/s you have entered, with special emphasis on Title and Author and in order of most relevant first.

You can change the order to view your results by Title (A to Z, or Z to A), Author (A to Z, or Z to A), or by Price, ascending or descending.

You will also find ‘search filters’ on the left hand side of the page. By clicking on these links you can narrow your search to items in a particular category, or within a specific price range.

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