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A well made book is a pleasure to hold, to read and to own. For over 65 years, The Folio Society has published the greatest works of literature – fiction and non-fiction – in editions worthy of the contents.


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The Folio Society's Core Editions


A Folio Society edition represents the finest in book craftsmanship – beautifully designed and typeset, printed on the very highest quality acid-free paper that doesn’t age like normal paper stock; illustrations are commissioned from leading artists or painstakingly researched from archives around the world; we commission introductions from writers of the calibre of Irvine Welsh, Peter Ackroyd, Saul David, and Patti Smith, to act as the reader’s companion and bring an added dimension to the reading experience.

Our core edition range numbers over 400 individual titles, in genres spanning classic and contemporary fiction – Wuthering Heights and A Clockwork Orange to name but two; great works of historical scholarship, philosophy, science from The Art of War to On the Origin of Species, and beloved children’s classics such as The Wind in the Willows, Charlotte’s Web, or the classic fairy tales of Charles Perrault.

There are over 400 different Folio editions from our core range in print, any of which you can select as part of your corporate gift order, but we have put together a small selection of our most popular titles for you to view here.

If you wish to place a corporate gift order, please contact one of our customer service representatives on +1 866-255-8280. They will help with your selection, your delivery requirements and the corporate gift discount you are eligible for.

View The Art of War book The Art of War
View The Wind in the Williows book The Wind in the Williows
View The Great Gatbsy book The Great Gatbsy

Limitied Editions


The Folio Society limited edition range represents the most outstanding of our current publications. Strictly limited, bound to order and numbered by hand, these are exceptional works of literary or historical significance reproduced as works of art in their own right. In every detail, from artwork to binding materials, we strive to make our limited editions as beautiful as possible, expertly marrying form and content, setting new standards in publishing excellence. They unite the skills of many experts, employing both traditional crafts and state-of-the-art technology, and representing a labour of love for everyone involved.

There are currently more than two dozen Folio limited editions available to order. You can view the entire selection here. Or click here to find out more about how these exceptional publications are made.

To place a corporate gift order of limited editions, please contact one of our customer service representatives on +1 866-255-8280 who will guide you through every detail.

View Gulliver's Travels book Gulliver's Travels
View King Henry's Prayer Book King Henry's Prayer Book
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