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American Gods

Neil Gaiman
With illustrations by celebrated artist Dave McKean, this is the ultimate collector's edition of a modern fantasy classic. ...more
Price: US$ 120.00
New books

The Malay Archipelago: The Land of the Orang-Utan and the Bird of Paradise

Alfred Russel Wallace
Preface by Steve Jones...more
Price: US$ 160.00

New books

Lord Peter Views the Body

Dorothy L. Sayers
Dilettante detective Lord Peter Wimsey returns in this collection of short stories....more
Price: US$ 57.95
New books

The Life of Thomas More

Peter Ackroyd
The life of Thomas More was one marked by political intrigue, religious unrest and a great shifting of ideologies. In this...more
Price: US$ 79.95

Science fiction and fantasy
New books


Frank Herbert
Illustrated by award-winning artist Sam Weber, a collector’s edition of Frank Herbert’s phenomenal tale of far-future desert...more
Price: US$ 125.00
New books


Terry Pratchett
One of the most loved titles in the enormously popular Discworld series receives its first fully illustrated edition. ...more
Price: US$ 56.95

New books

The Lord of the Rings

J. R. R. Tolkien
Successive generations have been spellbound by the exploits of Frodo, Gandalf and their comrades as they journey towards Mordor...more
Price: US$ 189.95
New books

The Folio Science Fiction Anthology

Introduced and edited by Brian W. Aldiss
In this collection created exclusively for The Folio Society, legendary science-fiction writer Brian Aldiss selects and...more
Price: US$ 49.95

Editor's Choice
New books

From Russia with Love

Ian Fleming
Often named by Bond fans as Fleming’s best novel, this suspenseful thriller sees 007 ensnared by an elaborate honeytrap set by...more
Price: US$ 59.95
New books

Emily Dickinson: Selected Poems

Emily Dickinson
A beautifully presented collection that celebrates the radical style of a visionary American poet. This edition follows the 1955...more
Price: US$ 29.95

New books

The Icelandic Sagas

Magnus Magnusson (ed.)
Punctuated by a series of eerie illustrations by Simon Noyes, these great Nordic stories of mythology, exploration and violence...more
Price: US$ 87.95
New books


A. A. Milne
The adventures of Pooh, Piglet and friends in an exquisite illustrated edition....more
Price: US$ 57.95

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