New Darwin film opens Toronto International Film Festival

'Creation' tells the story of how Darwin came to write On the Origin of Species

The 34th annual Toronto International Film Festival opened September 10 with Creation, a new British film that focuses on the period of Charles Darwin's life in the 1850s, between the death of his beloved 10-year old daughter Anne and the publication of On the Origin of Species. The film started life as an adaptation of the best-selling 2001 book Annie's Box by Richard Keynes, Darwin's great-great grandson. The book explores the impact his daughter's death had on Darwin, and how it influenced the formulation of the theory Richard Dawkins has called 'a prime candidate for the title of the greatest idea ever to occur to a human mind'.

Read the complete article in Toronto's Globe & Mail, with interviews with Richard Keynes, director Jon Amiel and screenwriter Jon Collee. You can also read an interview in The Guardian with the star of Creation Paul Bettany, whose wife Jennifer Connelly also plays Darwin's wife Emma wife in the film.

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