South Polar Times - a centenary limited edition coming soon

The first ever facsimile of all 12 individual volumes

In 1902-3 and in 1911-2, Captain R. F. Scott led expeditions to the Antarctic, waiting out the long months of darkness before the brief summers allowed him and his team to attempt to explore the uncharted continent. To entertain themselves during the 120 days of winter, Captain Scott's team created a magazine - the South Polar Times - illustrated with their own text, paintings, sketches and photographs. Each volume was an eclectic mixture of serious and humorous articles, all beautifully illustrated. At the distance of 100 years, there is no better insight into the daily life of legendary personalities such as Scott, Shackleton, Wilson and Cherry-Garrard, as well as the other expedition members - scientists, officers and ordinary seamen. Their poems, jokes, cartoons and articles reveal the dreams, hopes and passions which inspired them to travel so far and risk so much. It is an evocative and moving record of the heroic age of polar exploration.

In honour of the the centenary of the death of Captain Scott and his companions, The Folio Society, in partnership with the Royal Geographical Society, the British Library and the Scott Polar Research Institute, has created a special centenary limited edition of this historic publication. The South Polar Times, a facsimile of all 12 individual volumes reproduced with the original covers, is limited to 1,000 numbered copies. Look out for further information by the end of January.

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