English schools set to celebrate the King James Bible

All schools to receive a copy to commemorate its 400th anniversary

UK Education Secretary Michael Gove has announced plans to send every school in England a special edition of the King James Bible. Celebrating the 400th anniversary of the first official English bible, the edition is part of a fresh campaign to help pupils across the country reconnect with English history.

The book had an enormous impact on both the development of English language and society, not simply religion. 'It is a thing of beauty,' states Gove, 'an unparalleled historical artefact'.

Despite this, the move has been criticised by many as enforcing religious beliefs in English schools, not least by the National Secular Society. They say the money should go toward a different, equally important edition, preferably Darwin's On the Origin of Species.

As witnessed by our recent involvement in Get London Reading; the campaign to improve books available in schools is very close to our hearts at Folio. We are therefore delighted, whatever side you are on, that this debate is bringing even more focus onto the issue.

You can read about the Folio edition of the King James Bible here. A special limited edition published to commemorate the 400th anniversary is also available - click here for more information.

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