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Our Production Director takes you behind the scenes at Folio

If you've ever been curious about the making of Folio books - particularly our limited editions - then look no further. Our Production Director, Joe Whitlock Blundell, has launched a blog to share his thoughts and insights. Joe is regularly in touch with the artists who work on our books, whether it's Quentin Blake proposing a new project or Royal Academician Tom Phillips emailing a picture of a Roman coin. These conversations often prove to be the foundations of long partnerships.

In his blog, Joe provides fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpses at the creative treasure hunt that can lie behind our books. This may involve a search for rare archived images, or for an original text scattered between numerous libraries, such as Joe's current focus: the remarkable South Polar Times, written by Captain Scott's men during two Antarctic expeditions. Click here to read Joe's Blog.

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