Rituals of Seduction: Birds of Paradise

New exhibition at the Australian Museum, Sydney

A new exhibition at The Australian Museum in Sydney explores the exotic plumage of birds of Paradise and their influence on the peoples who have lived alongside them. With displays including head-dresses, ritual dances and face painting, the exhibition examines the lasting influence the birds of paradise have had on man - and even invites comparisons to modern fashion and make-up. You can read more about the exhibition which runs until August 2011 here where this is also more detailed information about the habitats of birds of paradise and links to historical and contemporary artworks and photographs.

The courtship displays of the birds of paradise are beautifully, and amusingly, imitated by David Attenborough in our podcast about the new limited edition of Sharpe's Birds of Paradise. The short podcast makes an enjoyable alternative for those not lucky enough to visit the exhibition. Click here to view the podcast and learn more about our edition.

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