Books as the path to future sucess

Research recommends reading for pleasure in childhood

Piano lessons, swimming lessons, football practice ... for parents wanting to broaden their children's education and skills, juggling extra-curricular activities can be complicated. New research suggests that there may be an easier way. As reported in The Times (8/4/11), the key to future success may be as easy as reading a good book. Boys who did so, even just once a month, had a 50% chance of attending university (and girls a 51% chance) compared to a 40% and 38% chance respectively for children who didn't. According to Mark Taylor, of Nuffield College, Oxford, who analysed data from 17,200 families in the study, no link was found between career success and other activites such as sports, music, concert-going, or visits to museums and galleries. It appears reading is a different matter: 'The positive associations of reading for pleasure aren't replicated in any other extra-curricular activity, regardless of our expectations.' We already knew the benefits of a good book. Now it's official.

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