New Folio Podcast: Folk Tales of Britain

Listen to Gilbert Wynne reading from this magnificent new compendium

For those with an interest in myths and legends, our latest podcast will prove a real treat. The new three-volume edition of Katharine M. Briggs's landmark compendium, Folk Tales of Britain: Narratives, has just been published. Renowned as the most complete and authoritative collection of British folk stories ever made, it covers every conceivable type of story originating from the length and breadth of Britain.

We asked Gilbert Wynne (whom some of you may remember for his readings on the 1970s children's programme Jackanory) to read a few of the tales, including the spine-chilling story of a farmer who sold his soul to 'Old Bogey', and the comic tale of a cat who learns that mice do not always keep their word. Watching the podcast, you can also learn more about this edition, which features illustrations by Peter and Hannah Firmin (a father and daughter working on the same project for the first time) and Clare Melinsky, as well as an inspirational new introduction from author Philip Pullman.

You can view the podcast and learn more about the edition by clicking here.

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