An insight into the working process of a Folio artist

Robert Hunt blogs about illustrating The Last of the Mohicans for The Folio Society

America’s first historical novel The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper has been illustrated for the Folio edition by the American artist Robert Hunt. He captures the romance and drama of Fenimore Cooper’s story of greed and murder in a series of oil paintings. Oil on linen is an unusual medium for illustration nowadays, but it is particularly effective – especially in the hands of an artist like Hunt. He has written a beautifully detailed description of the process on his blog, showing his voracious reading, thumbnail sketches, drawings and final illustrations. It is a fantastic insight into how the artist works. A separate post will interest any photographers amongst you, as Hunt reveals step by step the way he lights and photographs his work, before colour correcting it for reproduction-ready images.

Robert reveals that he first wanted to work for Folio when he saw Sam Weber’s award-winning illustrations for our edition of Lord of the Flies, and he finishes by saying ‘Thanks to Sheri, Jo and the Folio Society for giving me a chance to indulge myself on this project. The nicest thing about working with them was the sense that we were all on the same page, with the simple goal of making a really beautiful book.’ The thanks are all on our side, Robert!

Read Robert Hunt’s blog here.

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